About the Bakers

me 1Sarah  Sleeper

Sarah loves decorating and baking.  After years of struggling with trying to find the perfect job (from waitressing at Olive Garden, to working in a law office in downtown Philadelphia, to trying to start a teaching career), Sarah finally decided to pursue her true passion and open a bakery with her mom.

Sarah’s Passion

Sarah loves decorating….seriously anything.  Cookies, cupcakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, sculpture cakes, you name it she will tackle it.  Sarah loves creating the perfect cake or specialty item for each one of her customers.  Seeing the looks of happiness and joy from her customers when they see their special creation keeps her passion alive and growing.

Sarah’s favorite Wicked Good Bakery Treat: Those sugar cookies.  I forget how much I like them, and than I eat one. And than I eat ten.

momJean Sleeper

Jean has been a cook and baker for over thirty years for her friends and family.  In 2012, she decided to go in on a bakery project with her daughter.  Jean works part time at the Wicked Good Bakery on holidays and weekends tackling her passion for breads, rolls, and any new experimental recipe she can scrounge up.

Jean’s Passion

Jean loves working with any kind of bread dough you can imagine.  She loves everything about bread.  Jean spent time studying about many different breads and rolls and can make a variety of delicious breads from artisan to hallah to old fashioned farmhouse white bread.

Jean’s favorite Wicked Good Bakery Treat:

Our mixed berry crumb pie has turned into one of our signature pies, and I would have to say is definitely my favorite. The mixture of berries in our flaky crust topped with the crunchy sweet crumb topping….mmm mmm mmm.  Definitely, my favorite.

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